BMW E30 from Redux might the best M3 money can buy

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The values ​​of the BMW E30 M3 have skyrocketed for the original M3 and the British company Redux is here to capitalize demand. In short, for the BMW M3, Redux is what Singer is for the Porsche 911, just on a much smaller scale and with much less brand awareness. We will state that Singer also performs a more extensive task on his cars, but the idea is the same. Take a classic sports car and improve it in ways you didn't know you wanted.

Redux starts small with only the E30 generation, and only 30 will initially be built / accepted. It starts just like a Singer 911. You can buy the E30 M3, or Redux goes out and finds one for you. Redux does a complete restoration of the car: the donor M3 is completely dismantled, after which the dish is stripped to metal. The chassis is then tipped to make sure it is straight before Redux goes there. And then the world becomes your oyster.

The standard 2.3 liter atmospheric four-cylinder engine is rebuilt and exhausted to 2.5 liters. It uses modified connecting rods, pistons and a crankshaft from BMW Motorsport. The buyer can choose to leave it naturally sucked in, or – controversially – to add an optional turbo for a total of 387 hp and a torque of 390 pounds-foot. Blasphemous? Gorgeous? You decide. Redux does not quote horsepower for the non-turbo engine, but we imagine that it is much more than what it did in the 1980s. All air is discharged via a customized stainless steel exhaust system with catalysts.

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The current is guided by a manual five-speed gearbox with a close gear ratio. Every component that needs to be upgraded to handle the extra power is designed to handle it, including a custom-made steel cardan shaft, heavy-duty drive shafts and another clutch, depending on whether it is a turbo or not.

The majority of the rest of the components come from the aftermarket. Standard suspension EXE-TC three-way adjustable coilovers are specially tuned for this car, and four-way adjustable pieces are available. Redux has made many changes to the suspension with built-in front steering arms, stabilizer bars, front and rear cross members, front posts and rear support arms. Upgraded canisters are used in addition to improved disk flanges and hubs. Large 14-inch brake discs with six piston calipers from AP Racing make the front stop, while 13-inch discs and four-piston clamps are at the rear.

Forged aluminum monobloc wheels are standard – wheels with central locking are optional. These are packed in Michelin Pilot Super Sport / Sport 4 tires, but smooth tires are available. All customers have the option of completely embellishing their interior with trim, materials and colors. You cannot use a cage, half cage or full cage depending on usage.

The price is the big question mark at this point, because Redux does not publicly publish it. There is a ridiculous amount of work and parts that make this car great, so we imagine it is an exorbitant figure. For the time being, only 30 will be built, but we imagine that Redux would like to earn more if the demand is there. The first goes to a lucky guy who plans to use it at the Thermal Club in Palm Springs, CA, so they are available in the United States.

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