Audi’s nearly 9-year streak ends; VW up 4.6% in October on crossover gains

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Audi's industry-best sales line ended in October when the German premium brand placed its first monthly decline exactly nine years after its last post, in October 2009. Audi's sales declined 17 percent in October to 16,056. Meanwhile, Volkswagen's brand sales in October rose by 4.6 percent to 29,000 with higher demand for the cross-over line-up, while sedan sales lagged behind.

Brands: Volkswagen rises by 4.6%, Audi drops by 17%

Noteworthy name plates: VW Atlas 29% higher, Tiguan with long wheelbase 84% higher, Jetta 10% higher, Passat 34% lower; Audi Q5 is up 15%, A4 down 21%, Q7 down 8.5%

Incentives (including Porsche): $ 3,675 per vehicle, an increase of 4.4% compared to a year earlier, says ALG

Average transaction price (including Porsche): $ 34,262, a decrease of 6.3% compared to a year earlier, according to ALG

Quote: "It's never about the streak, honestly," said Scott Keogh, who was president of Audi of America until November 1, when he officially took over the CEO of Volkswagen Group of America. "The plan was implemented and by chance it was a line, but the customer does not buy because of the streak." The dealer does not buy because of the streak. "It's a nice thing that went along for the ride The most important thing is that dealers make money, the brand is strong, the total sales are there." That's the most important story. And the truth is that when you get to an extremely low level, you give the opportunity for a line, competitors have surpassed us four to one and so you had that opportunity to build that thing with the growing market. "

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Did you know? If Volkswagen's current sales trends continue for the remaining two months of the year, 2018 ends as the first time since 1984 that the Jetta is not the best-selling vehicle of the brand in the US. In October, the Tiguan long wheelbase has a 3,063-unit ahead of the Jetta.