2022 Honda Civic hatchback accessories offer an Si look if not performance

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We recently learned that the 2022 Honda Civic hatchback will not get an Si variant. Only the sedan will be available in the mid-level performance trim. Of course, we expect the upcoming Type R to remain hatchback-only. For hatchback buyers with a sporty slant, it looks like Honda will offer a variety of factory accessories that will keep your hatchback looking at least like a Si, if not one.

The parts you see on the car above have only been announced for Japan, but we expect them to be available in the US. The reason for this is that the same type of accessories were offered here on the previous generation hatchback. In fact, the wheels look almost identical to accessory wheels available for the old car.

The most prominent of the accessories is the rear wing, and although it is large, in reality it looks much more tasteful and complementary to the hatchback design than the old optional wing. It is matched by subtle but effective skirts on the edges of the front bumper, making it look sportier and lower. Other exterior accessories include the aforementioned wheels, wind deflectors for the windows, black covers for the side mirrors and courtesy lights with the Civic logo. There are also a number of interior items, including illuminated door sills and illuminated cup holders.

Again, these parts have not been officially announced for the US, but they are basically the same as the accessories offered on the previous hatchback, so we see no reason why they shouldn’t be carried over for this model. At the very least we hope they are offered as we think they look really good.

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