2019 Chevy Silverado with 4-cylinder engine rated at 21 mpg combined

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DETROIT – The 2019 Chevrolet Silverado with a new four-cylinder engine will reach an EPA-estimated 21 mpg combined, or 20 city / 23 highway.

The ratings for rear-wheel drive models are not much better than the fuel consumption of the renewed 5.3-liter V-8 pick-up engine, which together offers 19 mpg (17 city / 23 highway), according to the website of the EPA.

GM has not issued fuel efficiency ratings for the 2019 4×4 Silverado, which are traditionally less fuel-efficient.

The fuel efficiency of the Silverado 2.7-liter turbo engine, which is standard on LT and RST models in the middle position, is in line with other entry-level Ford Motor Co. truck engines. (3.3-liter V-6) and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (3.6-liter V-6 with a light hybrid system) that combine 22 mpg. However, those engines offer up to 25 mpg of highway.

The engine, according to GM, offers 14 percent more torque and 13 percent better urban fuel savings. It has an output of 310 hp and 348 pound-foot torque and is coupled to an eight-speed automatic transmission.

"It's fun to ride every day – quickly from the start and pull hard under acceleration," Tim Asoklis, chief engineer for the Silverado, said in a statement Wednesday.

The four-cylinder engine, as reported, offers a maximum towing capacity of 7200 pounds and a maximum payload of 2280 pounds. The payload is up to 600 pounds better than comparable models of Ford and Ram, but the towing value is up to 200 pounds less.

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The Silverado LT starts at $ 38,395 with the four-cylinder engine with a double cab and standard bed. The same RST model starts at $ 40,295. It is $ 2,400 more for each of the short-bed models and crew cabins, which make up a large part of American pick-up sales. All prices include shipping costs.

The 201ado Silverado is offered in eight trims combined with six engine / transmission combinations. Models with V-8 engines are already on sale.

It is unclear whether the redesigned GMC Sierra, Silverado's brother, will offer the same fuel economy. Some of the V-8 models in the Sierra offer a slightly different fuel efficiency compared to the Silverado.