VeilSide Toyota Supra headed to 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon

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Manufacturers like Nissan and Subaru will have some interesting stuff at the 2022 Toyota Auto Salon, but so will a slew of aftermarket companies. One notable one is VeilSide, the Japanese tuning company founded and still run by Hironao Yokomaku and probably made famous worldwide by the Fast & Furious franchise. But the operation has been around much longer, winning its first show prize at the 1991 Tokyo Auto Salon, a decade before The Fast and the Furious began teaching us about the importance of family. Carscoops reports that Yokomaku is working on a new Toyota Supra body kit for next month’s show, with footage showing the CEO hasn’t lost his obsession with everything over-the-top.

For now, we only have photos of the unpainted work-in-progress, some of which we pulled from a Japanese video touring the VeilSide warehouse workshop. The Supra gets a clip in the front that is as angry as it is exaggerated, a raised nose cone that soars over a large lip spoiler in the front with aero strakes drawing attention to the sides. The inlets in it will scoop up massive amounts of air. This is reflected in a new hood with perforated bulges and a large air extractor, as well as wider fenders with serious arches. Sills extend like a plinth, connecting the front to the widebody rear. The rear shows off the GR Supra’s duck-tail-like spoiler, clad in exposed bolts presiding over an aggro, striped diffuser that could be from a Gundam series. The pack sits on a quartet of five-spoke VeilSide-branded wheels wrapped in low-pro rubber that peek just below the kit.

It is nothing less than we would expect from the company. If you want to hear about the car in Yokomaku’s own words, and you speak Japanese, watch this video from 8:40am.

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