The Singer Porsche 911 All-Terrain Competition Study is ready to race

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Singer has an extensive history of customizing great Porsches. Porsche has an extensive history of adapting its own cars for off-road racing. The two finally meet the Porsche 911 Reimagined by Singer – All-terrain Competition Study (which we’ll shorten to ACS so far), and the result looks and sounds just as great as you’d expect. See for yourself in the video above and the photo gallery below.

The ACS was designed in collaboration with 911 rally specialist Richard Tuthill. The project was commissioned by a long-term customer of Singer and two vehicles were produced, both based on models of the Type 964 generation. The first is painted in Parallax White and is designed for high speed desert racing, and the second, painted in Corsica Red, is designed for high-grip asphalt.

Both vehicles feature a host of tweaks, including roll cages and frame reinforcement struts, a dramatically increased ride height with long-travel suspension with two adjustable dampers per wheel, and permanent four-wheel drive. A 3.6-liter air-cooled six-cylinder engine with twin turbochargers and intercoolers produces at least 450 hp, controlled by a sequential five-speed gearbox. Limited slip differentials are also fitted at the front, center and rear.

Singer’s custom body is made of carbon fiber. It is well-equipped for off-road racing with a long-distance fuel tank, two large spare tires, FIA-certified roll cage and seats, driver and passenger hydration systems and a GPS system.

While the two vehicles featured here are made for a customer, Singer will make similar modifications available to other customers. No pricing information is available, but we’re sure you’re aware that these kinds of customizations and options don’t come cheap.