Subaru and Hoonigan tease new rad-era build

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Subaru and Hoonigan teased a new build on social media Wednesday morning, perhaps completing a project hinted at multiple times by Subaru partner and Hoonigan extraordinaire Travis Pastrana, who has been doing crazy stuff in Subarus for quite some time.

Something big is brewing with @subarums_usa in @thehoonigans’ garage… What do you think it is? 👀

— Subaru (@subaru_usa) January 19, 2022

Admittedly, the teaser doesn’t scream “pickup,” but if you look closely at the profile of the still largely disguised build, it’s a bit long to be much of anything else in the company’s lineup mid-way through the season. eighties. Why that time frame? The headlights, of course.

And if you look at this screen grab (left) from Pastrana’s Brat jump, you can see the headlights match perfectly, while Murilee Martin’s junkyard photo (right) shows how well the sheet metal is aligned at the bumper:

Knowing Hoonigan, Subaru and Pastrana ourselves, we won’t have long to wait to see what kind of pranks the team has in store for this new project.

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