Porsche 924 DP Cargo is a Porsche shooting brake, and it’s for sale

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Interested in what certainly qualifies as one of the weirdest Porsches out there? Well, we have something nice for you. Let's introduce the Porsche 924 DP Cargo. If you've seen one before, count in the minority, because there were only a few of these shooting conversions built by Porsche tuner DP Motorsport back in the day – three if you believe this offer, or nine if you speak takes several different reports that we have found. This is for sale and is on the nomination for a cool £ 30,000, or $ 38,226.

The basic car is a Porsche 924 from 1976, but was converted into DP Cargo spec in 1986. To realize the look, DP Motorsport grabbed the rear roof section of a Volkswagen Passat for a completely flat roof loading area. Proportionally it is a bit weird, but so, so intriguing. You could call it the forerunner of the Panamera / Panamera Gran Turismo as the first car-like Porsche. According to the list, this specific DP Cargo is the only one without the 944 physique with widebody. It looks clean in this way, but the widebody gives it a nastier position.

DP Motorsport, however, did not just give it a sham makeover. The powertrain has been upgraded to full 924 Turbo specification. Even with the extra strength, the 2.0-liter only made 170 horses. As with other photos, we could brag about these rare cars, it has a huge exhaust tip. Presumably it makes a pretty little noise. This car comes from the same guys who won the overall victory at Le Mans in 1979 with the Kremer K3.

The 924 you watch here, has lived his entire life in Stockholm, Sweden and recently got a little TLC. That said, every car with the 924 Turbo drivetrain is a bit of a guess when it comes to reliability. Previous owners seem to have driven quite a bit, because it has 79,638 km on the counter. We doubt that many people want to squeeze in the back, but it is now a legitimate five-seater instead of a 2 + 2. There is considerably more room for all your luggage when you take your Porsche brake on holiday.

Eventually someone can buy this car because it is special and weird. Porsche 924's, even of the Turbo variety, are nothing worth near this price. DP Motorsport is not a company that has to be dismissed as a lame aftermarket tuner, that makes this specific car even more special.

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