Lincoln’s first full EV coming in 2022 as part of electrification push

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Ford may be making all the electric headlines right now, but soon Lincoln will be snagging a few as well. In a presentation to the media, the company outlined its electrification strategy for this decade, and it really kicks off next year with the first all-electric Lincoln.

Lincoln hasn’t said much about what this 2022 EV will look like, not even whether it will be a crossover or a sedan. But the company did say the EV will be based on a modular electric platform that supports rear or all-wheel drive. It is a new platform unrelated to the current Mustang Mach-E. This electric vehicle will also be the first of four full EVs to be launched between now and 2030.

Lincoln will also ramp up the electrification of internal combustion models. The goal is for the entire lineup to be electrified by 2030, and half of the brand volume is expected to be electrified by 2026.

In addition to electrification, Lincoln highlighted some other steps it was taking to make the brand and the ownership experience more compelling. Technology and services were highlights. It will release its first wireless updates to the Lincoln Nautilus this summer with improvements to navigation, Apple CarPlay and the digital owner’s manual. Amazon Alexa Assistant is coming to Lincolns this fall, and hands-free driver assistance is coming later. Lincoln is also toying with new services, such as a tank and car cleaning service being tested in Houston. Finally, the company is adding more standalone stores with a new, more luxurious and customer-oriented design.

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