MegaRexx MegaBronc is a 7-seat Ford F-250 pseudo-Bronco

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If you find the two-door version of the Ford Bronco too small, there is a four-door model that offers more space for people and belongings. If you find the four-door model too small, a North Carolina-based company called MegaRexx may have what you need. It unveiled a giant pickup SUV mash-up aptly named MegaBronc that takes some of the Bronco’s defining styling cues and sticks it onto an F-250.

Whether you think the MegaBronc is great or the answer to a question no one has asked, there’s no denying that a tremendous amount of work has gone into the project. It carries a full, Bronco-esque fiberglass body kit with a more squared front and more side bed sides. The panels make the truck about eight inches wider than the F-250, which is quite large to begin with. Speaking of the cargo bed, it’s not one anymore: it’s now part of the passenger compartment and gets a body-colored removable hardtop installed over a steel roll cage.

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Inside there is enough space for seven passengers, spread over three rows of seats. The individual second-row seats are identical to those of the front passengers, while the third-row electrically folding bench seat comes from the Expedition. Like many modern trucks, the MegaBronc is packed with features, including a heated steering wheel and (thank god!) rear parking sensors.

Power comes from a 6.7-liter turbo diesel V8 rated at 475 horsepower and 1,050 pound-feet of torque – this engine is not available in the Bronco. It spins the four wheels via a 10-speed automatic transmission, and the MegaBronc has the same pulling power as the F-250.

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MegaRexx explains that it has made a long list of drivetrain and chassis modifications to maintain stability on the road while improving off-road performance. Notably, it fitted 40-inch tires to raise the differentials, it added 4.5-inch front coil springs and five-inch multi-leaf rear springs, and it widened the track to maintain a semblance of stability in a corner. The front and rear differentials were also retuned.

The truck in our photo gallery is the first MegaRexx MegaBronc and is for sale. Based on a 2021 F-250 Lariat, it costs $224,950, which means it costs more than a new Bronco and new F-250 Super Duty combined. We let the market decide whether that’s a deal or not.

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