Marc Philipp Gemballa’s 959-inspired supercar gets a RUF-tuned engine

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Last year, Marc Philipp Gemballa, the eponymous supercar company founded by Uwe Gemballa’s son, said it would build a heavily modified 911 Turbo S inspired by the Porsche 959 Dakar Rally cars. Based on the official rendering and previous announcement, it will have a retro-inspired body and the ability to drive fast even on rough dirt roads. Since last year’s announcement, the company has developed a number of partnerships for development, and the latest was announced this week: RUF.

Yes, the legendary Porsche tuner and supercar builder has teamed up with MPG to develop the engine for what the company only calls “Project Sandbox”. It will be based on the 911 Turbo S engine, which starts with 640 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque. MPG and RUF say the upgraded version will deliver more than 750 horsepower and 68 pounds of torque. The MPG car won’t be the only car to benefit from this, however, as the company said RUF’s upgrades will be available to owners of regular 911 Turbo S cars looking for more power.

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Other important automotive partners helping in the development of the MPG Project Sandbox include KW Automotive, Michelin, Akrapovic, VELA Performance and KLK Motorsport. The completed car will be unveiled this spring and production will begin later this year. MPG will build 40 units and the 10 first edition models have already been sold.

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