Watch the Hennessey Performance Goliath 6×6 in action

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Following the first announcement of the Chevrolet Silverado-based Goliath 6×6 in September 2018, Hennessey Performance has finally unveiled the first production model. While the first renderings showed the truck in red, the first real example rolls out of the garage in dark mode, with black paint, black roll bar, black wheels, black grille and black emblems.

The base price of the new 6×6 (Hennessey also sells a Raptor 6×6) lands at $ 375,000, and we know that at least one person was willing to pay. Number 1 of the Goliath is from Bob Berrard, who according to Hennessey is the largest potato farm in the state of Wisconsin.

With that $ 375K, Berrard gets a completely unique vehicle with a large box of robust performance upgrades. In addition to the 6×6 conversion that required a new modified bed, new axle, new tires and new brakes; the Goliath has a completely new rear suspension, an eight-inch lift kit, Hennessey 20-inch wheels and 37-inch BFG off-rod wheels. It also has custom Hennessey front and rear bumpers, a huge roll bar, LED lighting and special Hennessey graphics.

The appearance is undeniably common, but we still want to know: how is it off-road? We expected this question to be addressed somewhat in the glamor video that Hennessey released with the announcement. The description specifically says that the "off-road capabilities of the truck have been raised to another level". But unfortunately, the video barely shows the Goliath venturing out of the sidewalk. I suppose we just have to wait until we test it ourselves to find out.

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