VW reveals five custom cars including Jetta, Arteon, Atlas and Tiguan

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The Wörthersee VW meeting in Europe is perhaps the biggest and most famous, but it is far from the only one. An American counterpart, SoWo: The European Experience, started in Georgia for European cars this weekend. And just as with Wörthersee VW had a number of new adapted vehicles to show off. It involved modified versions of the Jetta, Golf, Arteon, Atlas and Tiguan. Although none of them offers the performance or production capabilities of the Golf TCR shown in Europe, they are noticeable.
2018 VW Atlas Tanner Foust SEMA Concept

The most impressive of the five is the Atlas tailored to the VW rallycross driver and former Top Gear host country from the USA, Tanner Foust. It features large, knobby off-road tires on black wheels, plus sturdy bolt edges to cover them. Upstairs is a luggage rack with some off-road lighting and there is an access ladder on the tailgate to go to the top. Inside, the chairs are fitted with checkered fabric inserts.

2018 VW Golf R Abstract Concept

The Golf R Abstract owes its name to the custom-made vinyl foil that covers it. In addition to the flashy livery, it is one centimeter lower thanks to the drooping springs and rides on the 20-inch wheels. It has modified side skirts and a new exhaust system, the latter of which mainly changes the sound. Inside, the main upgrade is a steering wheel with real carbon fiber and blue stitching on black leather.

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2019 VW Jetta R-Line SoCal

One of the newest additions to the VW line is the redesigned Jetta, which has been redesigned even more for the show circuit. It features prototype aftermarket coilovers to lower it by about 3 centimeters. The white paint has stripes that VW says inspired by the second generation Jetta. Dashes of tennis ball appear green on the white wheels and side mirrors that add a bit of pit and complement the whimsical green design on the black roof.

2019 VW Arteon R-line marker

The Arteon R-Line Highlight has absolutely the most appropriate name, considering the whole thing marker is yellow-green. It is the lightest modified car here, because apart from the bold color, the only changes are the wheels and suspension. Another prototype aftermarket coilover suspension is about 3 inches lower than a normal one, and it has 20-inch wheels.
2018 VW Tiguan R-Line Aero

This Tiguan can be seriously low, almost 5 inches lower than the stock, thanks to the air suspension in the aftermarket. It comes down to 20-inch wheels. On top of that, it has a daring vinyl wrap over the entire body, plus it has an extra luggage compartment on the roof.

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