Unplugged Performance reveals Koenigsegg-made carbon fiber parts

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There are a number of Tesla models that rival Koenigsegg supercars in acceleration, and now the electrified American cars can have styling parts made by the Swedish supercar company. This is possible thanks to a collaboration between Tesla aftermarket parts company Unplugged Performance.

Unplugged Performance makes a variety of parts for Tesla models, from performance items like suspension and brakes to cosmetic parts like these Koenigsegg pieces. They are all carbon fiber exterior parts produced with the same materials and processes that the Swedish car company uses for its own machines. However, the designs of the parts are from Unplugged.

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Most are spoilers for any Tesla model, some for more downforce or less drag, but there are also special wide front fenders for Model 3. Prices vary by product, from $1,745 for many of the spoilers to $8,845 for one. pair of Model 3 fenders. The parts are available now, and Unplugged Performance points to additional Koenigsegg-made parts that will appear in the future.

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