Trump’s new presidential Cadillac limo debuts in New York

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The newest presidential limousine – or The Beast – made by Cadillac. Photo credit: REUTERS

A new Cadillac debuted on the weekend; do not expect to find it in the showrooms of the dealers.

President Donald Trump traveled Sunday in a new Cadillac presidential limousine – the first redesign of the Chief Commander's main ride since Barack Obama's limo debuted for his inauguration parade in 2009.

The presidential limousine, known as "Cadillac One" or "the Beast", is slimmer than Obama & # 39; s and more in line with Cadillac's current design language, which was inspired by the Escala concept from 2016.

Exterior features include a large grated grille with a floating Cadillac emblem, large vertical rear lights and Escalade-style headlamps.

A Cadillac spokesperson declined to comment on the vehicle, referring questions to the American secret service. The federal agency said the "new armored limousine made its debut within the American secret service presidential limo fleet" on September 17 – a week before the first reported public observation.

"This vehicle, a Cadillac from 2018, continues with the secret service's failure to provide state-of-the-art technology and performance for its protective mission," said a spokeswoman for the federal agency.

The latest Cadillac presidential limousine has been put into use. Photo credit: REUTERS

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A new presidential limousine was designed and developed every four to eight years, with Cadillac being one of the most popular choices – dating from President Woodrow Wilson, who raced in a series from 1916 during a victory parade of the First World War in Boston in 1919.

Especially Trump is a fan of the American luxury brand. In 2015 the billionaire businessman was present at the unveiling of the 2015 Cadillac Escalade in New York City.

& # 39; You did a great job, I love it, & # 39; said Trump to Cadillac chief Bob Ferguson. "I want to buy one right away."

GM accepted the contract for the latest presidential limousine in September 2013, long before the 2016 elections.