Tesla ‘very close’ to profitability, Musk declares in staff note

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A model 3 at the Tesla delivery center in Marina Del Rey, California on September 29th. Tesla increased the output of Model 3 in the third quarter to more than 51,000 vehicles.

Elon Musk told Tesla Inc. employees. that the company was about to make money, hours after he and the car manufacturer had reached a settlement with the US stepping up supervision of the communication of important information about CEOs.

"We are very close to achieving profitability and prove the naysayers wrong, but to be sure, we have to perform very well tomorrow (Sunday)," Musk wrote in the e-mail to the staff. "If we do everything tomorrow, we will achieve an epic victory that exceeds all expectations."

Sunday marks the end of the third quarter and Tesla has panicked to boost deliveries, especially Model 3 sales, before the end of the period.

Musk agreed to give up the role of chairman for at least three years and to pay $ 20 million to settle fraud that the Securities and Exchange Commission had filed against him in a lawsuit filed on Thursday.

Tesla also agreed to pay $ 20 million and to implement procedures and controls to oversee the communication of the CEO of material information after he – unjustly, according to the SEC – had emailed that he had secured funding last month. to take the business privately.

Musk applauds progress by making an important part of the Model 3 sedan and has encouraged Tesla employees to ignore distractions in a series of e-mails sent under the SEC series and settlement.

Direct delivery?

Musk wrote in one e-mail that the model team of the company had built more than 10,000 units in a week. That is potentially crucial progress for a company that was vague about when it would be able to build so many complete Model 3's, the first EV that it tried to produce in bulk.

"You do an incredible amount of work," wrote Musk, 47, in the subject line of a separate e-mail that was sent to employees on Friday. "Ignore all distractions Another hardcore weekend and we will conquer."

Representatives of Tesla did not immediately comment on the e-mails, copies of which were obtained by Bloomberg News.

On Saturday, when Tesla looked forward to bringing as many vehicles as possible to its centers before the end of the third quarter, Musk twittered that Tesla is looking for immediate delivery to customers at home or at workplaces. He responded to a Twitter user who wrote that during a seven-hour visit he should come across water, coffee, granola bars and pretzel bites.

"This weekend some food truck could be parked outside!", According to the Twitter user.