Subaru shows off WRX accessories and teases an electrified concept for Tokyo Auto Salon

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Subaru shows nice things at Tokyo Auto Salon this year. The big news will be the concept teasing it, shown above, which will apparently be electrified. It will also showcase some of its sporty models with new STI accessories, including the recently launched WRX.

The concept that Subaru has teased looks quite interesting, even if we can’t see it clearly. The nose looks low, with a low and wide grille a bit like a BRZ, but it is clearly something unique and original. It has angular, angry headlights like on the WRX. We can also see air vents in the hood. Subaru also provided a name: the STI E-RA concept. The E is certainly a nod to electrification. The RA is a letter designation seen on previous Subarus’s, and most recently the letters stood for “record attempt” on special edition WRX STIs. So whatever it is, it’s serious and probably pretty fast.

WRX S4 STI Concept

The only car shown so far with STI parts is the WRX, and thankfully it is clearly displayed. The standout parts are the body additions. All around the lower section are lip spoilers and side skirts, and they’re in STI’s signature “cherry red,” which we’d definitely call pink. If they weren’t bright pink, they would actually be very subtle additions. They are matched by equally pink mirror caps. They work pretty well with the gray paint, but we suspect pink would clash a bit with some colors, like orange. At the rear is a huge carbon fiber wing. Subaru says there’s also a more aggressive-sounding muffler, though pictures clearly don’t do much for us on that subject. Availability isn’t mentioned, but we bet these parts will be offered in Japan, and some will even make the trip to the United States. Even if they don’t come officially, we bet there will be people willing to export them to intrepid buyers.

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The BRZ and Levorg models should be similar to the WRX shown above. They will likely be showcases for upcoming STI accessories that will go on sale in the near future. So stay tuned for information on that and the E-RA concept in January.

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