Stanced Tesla Model 3 on aftermarket wheels poses for the camera

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There are two types of car people: those who see a vehicle for what it is, and those who see a vehicle for what it could be. The owner of this 2018 Tesla Model 3 overlooked the zippy performance-friendly side of the electric vehicle and has fulfilled his vision for a balanced aftermarket show piece, complete with 20-inch wheels.

CarScoops has taken note of the white Model 3, which has been introduced to the internet by Ferrada Wheels. It has an adapted bodywork kit, aftermarket hood treatment and an aftermarket rear spoiler. It rides on air suspension for adjustable ride height and sits on silver seven-spoke wheels.

The wheels are from Ferrada & # 39; s Forge8 Line. In particular, these are the F8-FR7 & # 39; s in Machine Silver, starting at $ 550 each. This model 3 carries 20x10s at the front and 20x11s at the back. Interestingly, despite the huge sticker with Toyo tires on the windshield, the car has Lionhart rubber.

This is not the only reduced Model 3 that we have seen. An owner in Oregon who goes by @ baggedModel3 also gave his EV a little extra attitude. It should be nice to see the aftermarket community continue to embrace electricity as they gain in popularity.