R-Reforged builds the first pair of Aston Martin V12 Zagato

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Enthusiasts who missed their chance to purchase the limited edition Aston Martin V12 Zagato released in 2012 are in luck. British manufacturer R-Reforged received permission from both brands to build an additional 38 cars, evenly split between coupes and convertibles, and has just completed the first prototypes at its factory in Warwick, England.

The first pair was rightly ordered by Andrea and Marella Zagato, and it is headed to the bodybuilder’s private collection. The roadster is finished in a darker gold tone, while the coupĂ© is painted silver, each color reappearing on the center console. Both cars run on the same 19-inch wheels with central locking and they receive a plaque in the engine compartment confirming that they were built especially for Mr. and Mrs. Zagato.

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R-Reforged didn’t settle for copying and pasting the original blueprints. It made minor but significant changes to the cars, including a new look front splitter and redesigned fenders. Zagato’s signature double-stud roof remains, but the rear gets active aerodynamic components that keep the car on the ground on autobahn without altering the lines. Carbon fiber body panels help offset the weight of the system.

Power still comes from a 5.9-liter V12, but it’s been tuned to develop 600 horsepower, an 80 horsepower increase over the original V12 Zagato. Suspension and chassis changes also make the car lower and wider.

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Only 19 pairs will be built in the coming months, and prices for the duo will start at $ 2.2 million. Twelve workers make each car by hand, so building it takes up to 16 weeks. R-Reforged told Autoblog that there are still some build slots left, but the catch is that the coupe and convertible are sold exclusively as a pair, which is good news for people who buy supercars the way they buy flip-flops. Everything is possible from there. Buyers can request that both cars be built to the exact same specifications, or they can work with the design team to personalize them all.

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