Quadratec launches Stallion 4×4 brand to modify the Ford Bronco

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Quadratec, one of the world’s best-known manufacturers of aftermarket parts for Jeep vehicles, turns its attention to the born-again Ford Bronco. It announced a new division called Stallion 4×4 that aims to provide enthusiasts with a wealth of Bronco-related resources and parts.

While the company has not yet published its first catalog, it has released an image of a heavily modified four-door Bronco that gives a taste of what it has in store. The SUV is equipped with solid tires, a lift kit, a redesigned front bumper and new doors. The first-generation Wrangler-based YJL unveiled earlier in 2021 also demonstrates what Quadratec is capable of; Stallion 4×4 should inherit all this knowledge.

It sounds like some Stallion 4×4 parts and accessories are designed in-house; others will be developed by outside companies. And what hasn’t been revealed yet is which generation(s) of the Bronco the brand will focus on. Quadratec sells everything from a choke cable for a 1946 CJ to a transmission oil cooler for a 2022 Wrangler; we hope Stallion takes an equally broad approach to serving the Bronco community. More details (and hopefully a parts catalog) will be published soon; we’re told the store is “on the horizon”.

Stallion 4×4 will have to compete with a growing list of companies looking to capitalize on the hype surrounding the Bronco – and from Ford itself. Executives knew there would be huge demand for customization options, so they went all out to launch the truck with hundreds of factory-developed or factory-authorized accessories, including full-body tents and skid plates.

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