Porsche ‘digital twin’ can predict when your car will need service

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Wouldn’t it be better if your car recommended service based on when you’re likely to need it, and not just on a set schedule? It just might. Porsche is developing a “digital twin” (that is, a virtual copy) that helps predict service requirements based on driving styles. Algorithms can parse a combination of sensor data and big data to recommend service based on your driving style. You may need to work on your suspension early if you take your car to the track, or the engine if you have a long commute on the highway.

The system can even anticipate errors before they occur. That’s nice for the technicians, of course, but it can also protect you (and save extra repair costs) by scheduling maintenance long before a crisis breaks out.

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Porsche will not officially launch its first digital twin until 2022, using only sensor data. However, field testing is already underway — about half of Taycan owners have volunteered to have a pilot anonymously check the EV’s air suspension for body acceleration. If the car exceeds certain thresholds, the vehicle tells the driver that he may need to visit a repair shop.

The dual system would allow car manufacturers to eliminate fixed maintenance schedules in favor of driver-specific recommendations. Porsche also foresees that the algorithms help even when your car is running flawlessly. You would have a digital record that could suggest both an accurate sale price for a used car and greater transparency to potential buyers. Car brands can even offer extended warranties based on the status of your car. However, as long as companies keep privacy in mind, it can save you more than a little stress (and moments of sheer panic) along the way.

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This article originally appeared on Engadget.

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