Nissan 370Z comes to SEMA with a new engine alongside other trucks

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Nissan is coming to SEMA with a varied package of modified cars and trucks, the coolest of which is a very different kind of 370Z. We will not kick the Kicks / speaker set too hard, but here is the line-up for Las Vegas this year.

Nissan Project Clubsport 23

This is the updated 370Z on which we have been waiting, a bit. Nissan attacked the parts that we all care about; especially, there is a new engine. The eternal 3.7 liter VQ engine has been replaced by the awesome 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 that can be found in the Infiniti Q50 400 Red Sport. Yes, that's the 400 hp version of that engine. Nissan went one step further and carried this engine with the manual transmission of the 370Z Nismo – until now this engine was only sold with an automatic gearbox. MA Motorsports was contracted to develop the entire system to ensure that the powertrain works as it should.

We also like what Nissan did with the rest of this Z. View the outlet openings in the recess on the rear registration plate – now that is unique. Brand new NISO suspension components were used everywhere, in addition to KW Variant coilovers with Eibach springs for better road holding. Nismo brake pads with Z1Motorsports rotors and stainless steel lines are the remup grades. Finally, it gets Rays wheels with Hankook RS4 high-performance tires to sit on.

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What is particularly important with this car is that Nissan could offer the complete package as a "kit". If Nissan were to re-run the 370Z soon, it would probably get a version of this engine, so consider this as a possible preview of what's coming. We really like what we see.

Nissan Kicks Sound Machine

This Nissan Kicks has the appropriate name, because it seems to be more than speaker than the car. Built on Vehicle Effects, it's a bit ridiculous with all speakers everywhere, but we're sure it sounds like the business. There is even a tailor-made table for equipment for juggling.

Nissan Ultimate Service Titan and Paws One Titan

Here is a truck with a real purpose. Nissan transformed this Titan to serve as a mobile answering unit for the American Red Cross in South Florida. It has a desk, a generator for solar energy, a bed and first aid kit for first responders who provide care on site. There is also a refrigerator to store blood for transport to hospitals in need.

The Paws One Titan is a seriously robust truck that is specially designed to help stranded animals after natural disasters. It has a number of adjustments to perform better off-road, and even has what looks like a small boat / flotation device in the bed.

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