Mountune starts a new brand to tune hot Volkswagens like the GTI and Golf R

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Mountune is best known for tuning turbocharged Fords for more power. They offer a wide range of aftermarket performance parts for cars such as the Fiesta ST and Focus RS, but now the company is entering the world of Volkswagens. Instead of maintaining the name Mountune, they work with the American wheel manufacturer fifteen52 and call themselves m52.

One of the main reasons to go with someone else with a Fordune with a Fordune "tune" is because they offered services that did not invalidate the original Ford warranty. We asked Mountune if the VW products are approved under the Volkswagen warranty and have learned that they are not covered. What the website does say is that all m52 products have a 12 month / 12,000 mile warranty. Yet that is very different from keeping your long Volkswagen warranty for your motorcycle.

In the beginning, m52 Stage 1 offers tunes for the Mk7 GTI and Golf R. The GTI is increased to 306 hp and 350 pounds of torque. Volkswagen says the 0-60 mph drops to just 5.4 seconds with the manual gearbox. No time is noted for the DSG, but the DSG version of this melody also recalibrates the broadcast. The melody is provided with an & # 39; enhanced launch control & # 39 ;, a & # 39; return to standard and valet mode & # 39; and an m52 badge.

Only a British price is now on the site, but M52 makes it clear that its products are also available in the US. Converted into British pounds, the Stage 1 tune for the GTI costs $ 863.61.

Of course, a Golf R-tune is also available, which raises the power to 355 hp and a torque of 369 pounds. This would be good for a 0-60 mph run in just 3.7 seconds with the DSG. The Golf R melody is delivered with the same functions as the GTI melody. It is recommended that you use the m52's aftermarket induction system with the melodies to achieve every last part of the performance gain, but this is not necessary according to m52. The Golf R tune is the same $ 863.61. It's another $ 433.44 for the m52 induction system – the system can support cars with up to 600 horsepower.

The website has a number of other performance components for the GTI and Golf R and they offer a 5% discount on everything until the end of May.