Ken Block’s Gymkhana 10 car is a V6 1977 Ford F-150

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Ken Block has just unveiled his latest car in the video above, and it's actually a truck. It is a Ford F-150 from 1977 and it is called the Hoonitruck. And actually it is not even F-150 anymore.

To begin with, the F-150 body has fallen to the ground and has been fitted over a custom-made tube frame. For that chassis a 3.5-liter V6 with dual turbo is needed that matches the Ford GT racing cars, and the power goes through a four-wheel drive similar to that of a rally car. The engine is a monster, with its two huge turbochargers sticking through the bonnet and giving a boost to a custom-made, 3D-printed intake manifold. The total power is 914 hp.

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There are also various visual improvements to the truck. The exhaust shoots out the mudguards. It has aggressive front and rear spoilers. And there are custom Fifteen52 20-inch wheels on every corner with real beadlocks. The tires have a thickness of 315 mm.

Ken Block talks a bit about the truck after the beauty shots and headline functions in the video above. He discusses his history with Ford vehicles, something he told us during the SEMA show last year. He also discusses how it needed the only acclimatization to drive the truck, because it is much heavier and larger than any other vehicle he has used for Gymkhana video's. You can see Gymkhana 10 for the first time on Amazon December 7, part of the Gymkhana Files series that will be launched on November 16th. The video will then be released on YouTube on December 10th.

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