Infiniti will offer free wireless Apple CarPlay upgrades for 2020-2021 cars

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Owners of 2020-2021 Infiniti products with Apple CarPlay will be happy to hear this news. Infiniti just announced that owners of those vehicles are now eligible for a free upgrade to wireless Apple CarPlay.

The list of eligible models includes the Q50, Q60, QX50 and QX80 2020-2021. All those vehicles already have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, but they only work over a wired connection. This upgrade means you no longer have to plug in your Lightning cable to have Apple CarPlay splash across the screen.

If you own one of the above vehicles, we recommend that you make a service appointment to have the upgrade installed – the update should take less than an hour. Infiniti says the free software update will be available from now until March 31, 2022. In short, grab it while you can.

We asked Infiniti if there would be a similar upgrade for Android users, as many other manufacturers offer wireless Android Auto in addition to wireless Apple CarPlay. All a spokesperson would say is that “Infiniti is looking at Android Auto for future vehicle integration.” The lack of wireless Android Auto will affect about 20% of Infiniti owners, as even Infiniti approximates that 20% of its luxury buyers are not Apple users. At the very least, those owners still have wired Android Auto.

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