Icon Reformer Jeep Wagoneer has loads of cool details

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Icon has released an abundance of great machines and has more on the pike. One of the company's latest creations is a Jeep Wagoneer made as part of Icon & # 39; s Reformer line, which Jonathan Ward, the head of Icon, explains is a thorough restoration and upgrade, but with a fresh restored finish. This is in contrast to the Derelict series of the company that keeps the rugged exterior while everything is being updated. And the level of detail in the Reformer Wagoneer is amazing, as shown in this video from The Hoonigans in which Ward gives a tour of the SUV.

Starting from the outside, the truck is pretty close to the exterior, although the color and upholstery of faux wood was never offered. Badges are a mix of originals and a few pinches for use on this Jeep. The front mudguards now have the displacement of the engine of the Chevy LS V8 under the bonnet. Also the round Jeep badges front and back now have the badge Icon lizard.

Inside, custom upholstery was added with furniture for patio furniture for durability and the convenient pattern. Anything that could be made of plastic, such as a part of the chrome edge and the dashboard of the meter cluster, or vinyl, such as the door panels, have been upgraded to real metal or leather parts. Icon has even made a casting for the wheel again to replace the old one.

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As mentioned earlier, this Jeep Wagoneer has a Chevy LS V8 that moves 6.2 liters. It naturally connects to a four-wheel drive system with a rear axle from Dana 60 and a front axle of 44. The chassis was built by Art Morrison, a company known for its custom-made vintage chassis. The suspension consists of screw deflectors and springs from Fox Racing and Eibach respectively.

This is all just a brief overview. View the entire video above for all the nice details.

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