Honda Civic Type R rally car looks like a blast offroad

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The Honda Civic Type R is an absolute pleasure to drive on the road, but this rally build looks extremely good from the limited available photos. Details are scanty, but Honda reportedly worked with Ralph Hosier Engineering (RHEL) to build the car. His name is the Honda Civic Type OveRland, and we are completely in it.

Apparently Honda UK had a hand in this project, which is not entirely surprising after seeing the other Type R builds that they supported. Let us remind you of the Civic Type R pickup and the Type R wagon Honda UK built. This specific build uses the stock Type R powertrain, so it is still powered by the 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbocharger that delivers 306 hp and 295 pound-feet of torque. However, the suspension has been raised a huge four centimeters and the track has become considerably wider. A new body kit offers space for the large knobby tires that are on all four corners – it also creates extra cooling openings, and these are actually functional.

Rally-like wheels, a roof scoop (with unspecified functionality) and a few ventilation openings complete the rest of the visual changes for this impressive rally car. What it doesn't have is four-wheel drive, but it still has to be great fun on gravel with just the front wheels moving forward.

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From now on there aren't many photos to share, but we hope they will be more present soon. It is almost obvious, but this is a concept and will never be produced by Honda. However, if you ask RHEL neatly enough, they may be able to help you.