Home tire installation and concierge service introduced by Goodyear

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Goodyear has just introduced a home mount installation called Roll by Goodyear. This service is quite the starting point of the normal tire purchase and installation process, because the tires can be turned off and installed at your home.

In addition to the luxury installation experience, Goodyear will also open its own showrooms in lively lifestyle centers & # 39; Shoppers can go to these centers to view Goodyear rubber in a modern boutique space. (Yes, we think that sounds a bit like buying tires.) Goodyear also offers a valet service for those who buy tires, in case you do not want them installed at your home. If you want, a technician takes your car from your ramp to a store and then puts it down again with new tires.

So why does Goodyear run into this space for something that most people do not care about? Well, the tire company thinks that the millennials service will be well received. For the time being, the Washington DC area is the only place where this is available. Goodyear will see how the market reacts to decide whether it will be rolled out at other locations.

We can not imagine that traditional installation centers for tires are thrilled to see this news, especially the house installation program. There is no information about how much extra these premium services will cost you.

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