Here’s a G63 AMG replica built out of a Suzuki Jimny

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When the current generation Suzuki Jimny was first unveiled, parallels were quickly drawn between the blocky shape of Jimny and the design of the legendary Mercedes-Benz G-Class that has been with us for four decades. Aftermarket stores have since benefited from the observed similarity of the two vehicles, and by swapping some external components, it is possible to make the Jimny look like a small version of the G-Class. Here is an attempt by a Dubai outfit.

Fast Car Service has taken a Jimny and grafted on parts to make it look like a real, very small G63 AMG. There are many new things at the front, including the hood with the G-Class indicators of the fender at the top, an adjusted bumper and grille and a bullbar for very small bulls. The headlights are said not to be the G-Class, but a Wrangler instead – they still do a lot for the look, just like the wide arches and the side trim that is behind the Benz. Around the rear, the rear-mounted rear lights also have the shape of a G-Class. And get this – there are side pipes for the 1.5-liter four-banger.

Fast Car Service charges $ 12,250 for the gelnyderization of the Jimny, including custom paint, which is about half the price of the base car. You could probably also spend the money dressing up an original early – & # 39; 80s 240 GD and making it look like a newer AMG version, but for some reason this seems a better idea instead.

Watch the Arab GT video included above. Don't forget to select subtitles!

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