Ford’s 2020 SEMA concepts highlight Bronco, F-150, Ranger

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Ford put the SEMA concept online Thursday with a webcast highlighting some of the latest and greatest. With concepts based on the Bronco, Bronco Sport, updated F-150 and the new Ranger Tremor, Ford managed to get the best pick unique environment of 2020 with an interactive online debut. Let’s dive in.

Ford Auto Nights Bronco Badlands Sasquatch 2-door Concept

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This concept emphasizes the modular body of Ford’s new off-roader. This build is meant to show how easy it is to the Bronco to adapt, whether to change permanently the appearance and performance, or achieve a temporary advantage for a weekend of particularly intense off -road driving between periods of daily life. Most of the body panels of this concept were produced in-house by Ford, with the notable exceptions of the 4WP lift kit (2 inch) and some of the included accessories.

Ford Auto Nights F-150 Limited Hybrid SuperCrew

This build comes courtesy of Ford partner BDS Suspension. It emphasizes the versatility of the new F-150 Hybrid, shown here as both a foreman’s daily “office” and a weekend getaway engine.

“The work side of this truck uses the Pro Power Onboard system to power a mobile metalworking shop that can cut, grind and weld in remote locations thanks to a BDS 4-inch lift system with FOX coilovers that make room for 35-inch tires, “says Ford.” This truck can be easily converted for weekend recreational use, ready for camping, outdoor riding and extensive backcountry exploration, taking advantage of the hybrid’s more than 700 km range. This 2021 F150 is ready for anything work or play. “

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Ford Auto Nights Ranger XLT Tremor SuperCrew

Even more than the other concepts in this batch, this Ranger Tremor is largely a Ford Performance product. While a few of the bolt-on bits come from third-party partners, this should be an indication of what a customer could drive home without having to open a third-party accessory catalog.

“This bespoke adventure truck features a selection of Ford accessories and Ford Performance parts that complement the Tremor’s incredible factory capabilities and enable adventurers to reach not only the most remote trailheads, but a mountain bike, kayak and all the necessary gear for a day out on the trails and lake, ”says Ford.

2021 MAD Bronco Sport Badlands

This Bronco Sport Badlands-based concept might look pretty good from the outside, but the looks can be deceiving. This tasteful structure is provided with Fifteen52’s Monoblock Traverse MX (17 “x 8”) wheels, a Ford Performance / Borla cat-back exhaust, and still a considerable number of interior and exterior aankleedstukken.

“To complement extensive backcountry camping trips, MAD partnered with BOREAS Campers,” said Ford. “The MXT model camper is designed to go anywhere with the Bronco Sport in front. Prepare and hold on.”

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