Ford Maverick SEMA sensation: Tucci Hot Rods looks to make it real

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Tucci Hot Rods is a team of two based in New York: Dave Tucci, the owner, and Dom Tucci, the son and heir. For their first jump into major auto shows, Dom designed a package to turn the 2022 Ford Maverick into a street rod pickup. The result hit the show floor at SEMA last month, not only winning fans but praise from Ford CEO Jim Farley on Instagram, the Ford Performance Award for Best Vehicle on the Ford booth, six requests to buy complete trucks and more requests to buy parts. Fox News reports that Tucci is trying to figure out how to market the truck and its parts.

First about the truck. Tucci started with a four-wheel drive Maverick XLT, powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder. On Tucci’s own 3D printer, the company made the wheel arches, front lip, roof spoiler and modified turbofan wheels. The duo looked out for performance parts like the lowered coil-over suspension and Borla cat-back exhaust with carbon fiber accents, and tapped the Ford Performance catalog for the tailgate spoiler, bed cover, bed cover and tailgate assistant. The interior accommodates four Recaro Sportster race seats with harnesses and more Ford parts like the F200 IR dashcam.

With the Maverick slated for another 18 months of touring before it goes on sale, it’s inevitable that there will be more demand. Tucci wants to comply with all requests for builds and parts, the company tells Fox News it is “talking with partners and exploring options for putting them into production.” The goal is to have everything in place by 2022, but Tucci noted that it wants to ensure parts can be sold “at a price commensurate with Maverick’s entry level.” Which is also very cool.

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