Ford F-150 fastback truck conversion looks to start a trend

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Michigan Vehicle Solutions (MVS) wants to solve automotive problems, even cars that do not exist. The garage in the Detroit area has just announced a new type of truck bed cap that can cause a big trend or end in history books as an invention that no one has asked for. Equipped for the Ford F-150, the Aero-X is a sloping triangular cover that creates the look of a fastback pickup.

Since the beginning of the car design there is a struggle between two pillars that merge to create a car. Form and function are constantly at odds, each trying to convince designers that it is more important than the other. On pick-up trucks, which are inherently intended for work, the function has always been of the utmost importance. MVS wanted to shift that idea a bit.

Traditionally, bed caps are used for two main purposes: to cover and protect the items in the bed and to expand the amount of space available in the bed. The Aero-X is technically focused on both areas and adds its own style. The one-piece application completely changes the appearance of the truck and MVS says that the design also contributes to aerodynamic efficiency

The Fiberglass Aero-X, which is designated by The Drive, functions in the same way as a sportback. Gas springs raise the upper part while the sides remain stationary. It uses OEM paint, has a finished headlining, offers hardened and tinted glass and has an LED domed dome light. It also has an integrated LED brake light and locks with a key. At an additional cost, buyers can add a rear spoiler to match the aggressive appearance of the sports car of the window grilles or add a speaker system for tailgating melodies.

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The Aero-X, which reportedly starts at $ 3,995, is available for F-150s with a 5.5- and 6.5-foot beds model year 2015 to the present. MVS also states that similar designs will be available for more Ford, Chevy, Ram, Toyota and Nissan models.

Although similar designs or looks have previously been seen in the auto realm, the industry is ripe for a truck trend like this. Performance SUV & # 39; s and crossovers are starting, truck sales are better than ever, and "coupes" with four doors dive right and left. If people are willing to sacrifice practical usability to an SUV for the sportier sloping roof design, then there are certainly people who buy a more interesting bedcap that is temporarily and legitimately usable.

Call us crazy, but we think they would fit perfectly on a Harley-Davidson F-150 or a Shelby F-150.

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