Ford expands paid time off for new mothers, fathers

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DETROIT – Ford Motor Co. expands the number of paid days off for new fathers and mothers considerably among US employees, Automotive News has learned.

As of today, November 1, the car manufacturer will allow new fathers eight weeks' paid leave, a maximum of two weeks. This allows new mothers to get 14 to 16 weeks of paid leave, from eight to ten weeks.

Ford says six of the eight weeks must be taken consecutively, while the remaining two weeks can be taken intermittently. Everything must be taken within a year of the birth, adoption or foster placement of a child.

The automaker communicated the removals internally to employees at the end of last month. It is expected that the changes will be announced in public later.

In addition, Ford will begin allowing new parents to work full-time part-time for four weeks as soon as their paternity or maternity leave increases as they return to work.

American salaried employees can also use all 80 hours of their assigned sick days for personal matters, such as caring for a sick family member. Ford previously admitted that employees used half of their 80 sick days for personal business.

Ford began offering paternity leave last year, giving new fathers ten days of paid leave. New mothers were allowed to take up 10 days in addition to their already assigned six to eight weeks under the paid occupational disability plan of Ford.

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