Ferrari 612 Scaglietti makes for a great shooting brake

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As much as we like to brake, since they are in fact two-door cars, the world is clearly not willing to buy them. Most remain concepts or just design. But someone took the Dutch body builder Vandenbrink on the design for a Ferrari 612 Scaglietti shooting brake. The company finished the car this year and the results are impressive.

The roof of the shooting brake fits the existing roof line of the Ferrari source, and the characteristic wide heels of the car are not hidden. The hatchback also seems that Ferrari has taken it from the start, making the car look like a precursor to the FF and GTC4Lusso. The skylights in the roof are also fascinating and they certainly make the rear seats less claustrophobic. Vandenbrink's choice for the 612 Scaglietti is also a good one, even if this was partly dictated by the fact that the company wrote this design more than ten years ago. It is a classic large touring car designed to be fast but comfortable. The large format, especially the prominent bow, also fits with a design with a long roof. The only part that we question to some extent are the rear pillars, which even with some folds to break them up, look a bit big and out of place.

This is currently the only example of the 612 shooting brake, but Vandenbrink would like to build additional cars upon request. The company says it will work with buyers at every step to ensure that their copy is precisely tailored to customer requirements, from paint to equipment. Vandenbrink even suggests that it could make one focused on horse riding or falconry. However, there is no price for the vehicle, which is probably due to the fact that every order is custom made and the costs vary. And this is undoubtedly a car that you cannot afford if you have to ask the price. Vandenbrink also likes to make one of a few other sports cars, such as a roadster version of the 599 GTB Fiorano. All you have to do is ask and bring a lot of money.