Custom BMW R 18 bikes imagine sporty, retro takes on the cruiser

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BMW’s retro R 18 boxer engine is already a striking bike, but it can do even more, as these custom bikes prove. Built in collaboration between BMW’s Italian division and some Italian engine modifiers, they will be on display at the Verona Motor Bike Expo.

The most eye-catching is the R 18 M, pictured above. This build was led by the Italian magazine LowRide. And with a name like M and the matching red, blue and purple color scheme, it’s a sportier version of the big cruiser. The drivetrain is unchanged, but has apparently been lightened and the suspension changed. Some of the highlights include a custom exhaust and plenty of carbon fiber accents.

The other bike, the R 18 Aurora, maintains the cruise theme of the bike, but has more of a 1970s or 80s design. Garage 221 was in charge of the build and not only had a vintage look, but included It also includes parts from earlier BMW motorcycles, such as the seat and paintwork, the latter of which is based on a 1983 BMW RT 100. The oil cooler grille is also apparently inspired by the BMW car grilles from the 1960s.

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