Cadillac still sorting out details of HQ move

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Cadillac moved its headquarters to Manhattan three years ago.

DETROIT – There are still many questions about the move from Cadillac to Michigan, including what it means for the brand, the headquarters in Manhattan and its employees.

In the confirmation of the move last week, Cadillac said it will "keep a trademark presence" at the current headquarters, which the company has rented until 2025 and reportedly spent $ 12.7 million on renovation.

But Cadillac's executive team, including President Steve Carlisle and CMO Deborah Wahl, will be based at the new headquarters, a former advertising agency at the General Motors engineering center in Warren, Michigan, which GM purchased in 2014.

A Cadillac spokesperson said the company can not comment on how many of the brand's employees are expected at the Michigan plant and that it is "working on a plan" for the roughly 110 employees in New York. He refused to be more specific.

GM mentions the step as "further support" for the brand's launch promotion of a new or re-designed vehicle every six months up to the model year 2021.

"The move will bring the Cadillac brand team closer to those responsible for the new Cadillacs, including design, engineering, procurement and manufacturing, fully integrating Cadillac's global growth strategy," said Cadillac in an e-mail statement. Automotive News.

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The decision comes less than six months after GM executives replaced the outspoken Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen, a former Infiniti and Audi executive, and replaced him with Steve Carlisle, a GM employee who most recently led the automaker's Canadian operations .

Last month Carlisle told reporters that he spent a lot of time in Detroit, not in New York.

The original move took place three years ago under the Nysschen, but the decision was taken before he arrived at the company.