British stance convoy gets heavily fined in Germany

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One of the largest Volkswagen encounters in Europe, Wörthersee-Treffen is just around the corner. Every spring, fans of VW, Golf and GTI, as well as other modified car enthusiasts, gather around a lake in Austria, watching fascinating builds and new modding trends. Volkswagen itself is also known to show off one-off concepts or future product ideas during the meeting. Some cars run from far away – but the journey is not always smooth, as a group of British fans have now noted.

First a word of warning. It must be self-evident that different countries have different road and car laws and before you embark on a potentially challenging road trip, it makes sense to check whether your car complies with this, both mechanically and legally. As a result of a creative bowing of rules, a large group of outstanding, UK registered cars have now crashed in Germany, with the likelihood that making the Wörthersee will look smaller by the minute.

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As the story on social media claims, these men were driving on the German highway, and because their cars were very, very noticeably low and ran on stretched tires with extreme scene views, they caught the attention of the German police. After they pulled the convoy with nine cars, three police units started to inspect the legality of the vehicles and they were all subjected to a technical check. The above photos must explain why the German police were initially interested in the paperwork of the cars. Like the Mercedes-Benz wagon, the group of cars included VW Lupos and Sciroccos as well as Civics.

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The likely outcome is that the vehicles are considered unsuitable for driving on German roads and that they must be pulled out of the country at high costs, with hefty fines as souvenirs; the count is approaching $ 7,000. There is a possibility that a set of more normal-looking, road trip-proof "transport" tires and wheels, together with a less aggressive suspension, would have saved the convoy from every run-in with the authorities to begin with – and with the kind of the severity that can be expected of the road from the German police, we might have seen this coming. At the time of writing, the car boys are hoping for local enthusiasts to help them, but the chances of going without a scot aren't great.

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