Brabus reveals its version of the Mercedes-AMG G 63 called the 700 Widestar

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Mercedes-Benz drew an impressive redesign of the G-Class, but there is always room for more, right? Enter the Brabus 700 Widestar. Based on the AMG G 63, the old German Mercedes tuner got to see almost everything with this wild-looking off-roader.

Beginning with the important things, Brabus made the G 63 faster. It worked some magic with tuning the engine, and now the G 63 makes a mere 700 horsepower, an increase of 577 horsepower produced by the stock 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8. Koppel also jumps, going from 627 to 701 pound-feet. So what does that bring you to the acceleration department? Brabus says that the big Benz will hit 62 km / h in 4.3 seconds, while the stock G 63 will be in 4.4 seconds. So not much – actually a ridiculous time for a vehicle of its size that becomes a bit more ridiculous. If you feel like seducing fate, top speed is also an electronically limited distance of 150 km / h.

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Brabus did not mention transmission modifications, so you look at the same nine-speed gearbox as in the standard G 63. However, the tuner has added a new steering wheel with aluminum gearshift paddles, so you can control the trans from the steering wheel. A louder exhaust from stainless steel is also marked as a change. This upgrade outlet is still on both sides and is active with two modes controlled by a flap, so you do not wake the neighbors unless you want to.

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But just look at the thing. It is even more massive and showy than ever. The Widestar is 4 inches wider (is it right?) By larger wheel arches and fender accessories. It looks like the hood has been replaced by what looks like two gigantic, angry nostrils. And Brabus made his own front and rear fascias to further distinguish the Widestar from the stock G 63. The most striking thing is that there is a gigantic Brabus "B" instead of the usual Mercedes star. Oh, and if you do not notice the photos, it also has a grand piano.

Mercedes built the G-Class with off-road driving in mind, making the Brabus & # 39; 23-inch wheels and low-profile tires a bit of a scraper. Anyway, you can get those forged wheels with 305-wide tires. What is off-road pleasing is a roof-mounted light bar with 12 LEDs. It does not look like Brabus has done much with the suspension of the G 63, so expect it to be comparable to the stock truck both on and off the beaten track. Brabus lets owners customize the colors and interior materials to their heart's content, assuming your pockets are as deep as the unlimited number of options.

Speaking of money, there is still no prize for the 700 Widestar. That said, if you have to ask, it is probably too much. Brabus decided to hold its public disclosure during the Monaco Yacht Show in 2018, so that should give an idea of ​​who it thinks are potential buyers. We expect the regular G 63 to start around $ 150,000 if it arrives in the dealers later this year. Availability of Widestar remains a question mark, but we will update if we hear details about it.

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