Brabus 800 Widestar takes a G-Wagen to a new level: 789 horsepower

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Just a few months after Mercedes-AMG launched the G 63 last year, Brabus rolled in with the Brabus 700 Widestar. Based on the G 63, the 700 Widestar took the twin-turbo V8 from 577 hp and 627 pound-foot torque to 690 hp and 701 lb-ft. The bodykit turned out to be more startling than the strength increase, the Brabus got fender-spurs that added four centimeters to the G-Class ™ width – the better to fit 305 section tires on 23-inch rims, after? Forget about the 700 Widestar, because Brabus has just cleared the 800 Widestar to build. The unprocessed muscle: 789 hp and 737 lb-f.t

That means a G with as much horsepower as a Ferrari 812 Superfast and as much torque as the V12 with dual turbo from Mercedes recently brought to a standstill in the S65 Final Edition. The power package that the tuner calls Brabus 800 PowerXtra + comes from larger turbochargers with reinforced axial bearings and an ECU tune. Max boost comes out above a little over 23 psi. The company is not new to pushing a lot of energy through the stock engines, so the 800 Widestar comes with the usual warranty of three years, 62,000 miles.

The standard 9-speed handle shifts tasks, but with the addition of aluminum paddles behind the steering wheel. Acceleration time shifts another quantum down, the 800 Widestar roaring from standstill to 62 miles per hour in 4.1 seconds. That is faster than a Porsche Cayman GTS. Top speed remains electronically capped at 149 mph, for reasons that become clear well ahead of 149 km / h.

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Otherwise, the playbook will rock directly from the 700 Widestar. On top of the bonnet are carbon power bulges and a new front panel with integrated LEDs. The man-spreading mudguards are ventilated and lit up front and rear, and shed light on the running boards when the doors are unlocked. Just before the rear wheels, an active exhaust switches between the neighbor-friendly "Coming Home" mode and the roarty sports mode. On the back is a roof wing, a naked spare wheel cover and a graceful skid plate. Finally, the 23-inch Monoblock F forged wheels conceal calipers that match the "stylish Brabus color".

And just as with the 700 Widestar, Brabus did not appreciate us. But does it matter? If you just need something, you do what is necessary.