Audi’s 2019 e-tron crossover priced from $75,795

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Audi has said that the e-tron has a range of just under 250 miles based on the WLTP cycle used in Europe.

SAN FRANCISCO – When it arrives in US dealerships in the second quarter of next year, the Audi e-tron 2019 will have a 95 kilowatt-hour battery, standard four-wheel drive and a large number of interconnected goodies to hold Audi's first possession. make a completely electric vehicle more pleasant.

Whatever the premium crossover with 5 seats will be, however, the same 0-to-60 time as an Audi A3 sedan 2017 (5.5 seconds) and the lowest top speed (124 mph) of a modern Audi except the 1984 Audi Coupe (116 mph). Like all other electric vehicles, the e-tron offers an almost immediate torque, which enhances the sporty feel.

An official estimate of the range in the US will be available closer to the launch next year, according to an Audi of America spokesman. However, Audi AG has said that the e-tron has a range of just under 250 miles based on the WLTP cycle used in Europe.

The e-tron is the latest in a series of specific EVs by a German automaker that focus on Tesla Inc. and other startups with Tesla-like ambitions.

The e-tron from 2019 will be delivered in two standard attachments and a special First Edition model limited to 999 vehicles. Prices start at $ 75,795 for the Premium Plus basic version and jump to $ 82,795 for the higher Prestige equipment level. The First Edition model has a starting price of $ 87,695. All prices include shipping costs.

Audi began accepting orders – along with $ 1,000 repayments – Monday. Once customers place an order, Audi says, they can track their vehicle from production to final delivery. The e-tron is being built by Audi in Brussels.

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Audi's first electric crossover uses a pair of cooled asynchronous engines that are coupled to single-stage transmissions to deliver torque to the axes of the e-tron. When the crossover operates at moderate speeds under a light load, the power comes mainly from the rear engine and axle, and when it runs out, both engines operate free of magnetic drag torque, thereby increasing efficiency.

The e-tron recovers energy to recharge the battery during outflow and during braking, allowing the driver to select the amount of energy recovery via paddles on the steering wheel. In the upper recovery mode, the e-tron begins to slow down noticeably as soon as the driver releases the accelerator, allowing the driver to operate the crossover with one pedal.

Just like a traditional high-quality Audi quattro system, Audi's electric awd in the e-tron is capable of predictively engaging the front axle when the driver requires more power than the rear engine can deliver, or during winter conditions or dynamic cornering. The e-tron also uses its electric brakes to provide selective torque vectoring, thereby increasing dynamic performance.

The e-tron can automatically adjust its ride height to 3 inches, reducing itself to motorway speeds to reduce drag. The height of the body can also be increased by the driver to increase the play or to make it easier for passengers to get in and out of the vehicle. When equipped with an optional pull package, the e-tron can pull as much as 4000 pounds, says Audi, although the range of the battery would be limited under such a load.

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Charge battery

The 95 kWh battery pack of the e-tron is thermally controlled for optimum efficiency and consists of 36 cell modules, each about the size of a shoe box. The 396-volt battery pack is approximately 90 centimeters long, 63.6 inches wide and 13.4 inches high and weighs more than 1500 kilos including the enclosure and crash structures. The battery pack is partially protected by a large aluminum plate under the vehicle.

The e-tron is suitable for both AC and DC charger, including DC fast charging up to 150 kW at some fast charging stations, allowing up to 80 percent of the battery to be recharged in about 30 minutes, Audi says. For home charging, the e-tron comes with a 9.6 kW capsule charger that can be connected to a 240-volt or 120-volt power outlet. Audi says it will work with Amazon Home Services for home loading installations.

In addition, those who purchase an e-tron receive, during the first four years they are owned, 1,000 kWh of free recharge via the planned US network of 500 charge points in 40 states and 17 urban areas of Electrify America, says Audi.

Cabin extra & # 39; s

Two centrally mounted control screens – one 10.1 inches and the other 8.6 inches – are used in the cabin of the e-tron for the infotainment system and the cab controls, while the instrument panel offers a version of the customizable screen from Audi, allowing more integrated map with Google Earth images. In particular, the middentunnel contains a standard Audi telephone booth to enable inductive mobile charging.

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Interior cargo space is 28.5 cubic feet with the rear seat raised and reduced to 57 cubic feet with the rear seat. The electric tailgate can be opened with a foot gesture if the remote control is present.

Air conditioning with four zones is standard on the e-tron, with an option to upgrade to an air quality package with an ioniser on board and adjustable aromatization. The front seats of the e-tron also have an optional stimulator.

Navigation is standard on the e-tron and comes with a special route planner in combination with the Connect Plus subscription service from Audi that offers suggested routes with available charging points. The navigation system takes into account the traffic conditions and the current charge of the battery and the required charging time when calculating the arrival time.

An optional driver assistance package offers adaptive cruise control, which allows a driver to both accelerate and brake, and to keep a lane in heavy traffic or at motorway speeds. In urban environments, the e-tron has a parking assistance function to park both parallel and perpendicular.