Audi will make Verizon-powered in-car 5G available for 2024

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Audi has joined forces with Verizon to make an in-car 5G connection available in time for model year 2024. The technology is expected to unlock additional mobile services (including personalized content) and new driver assistance features, among other things.

Compatible cars will have the option to connect to Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband network, which the carrier calls the best-performing 5G connection. Bringing faster internet speeds to the car will make it easier for passengers to download or stream content on the go, cars can receive faster wireless updates, and HD and 3D map features plus cloud-based user profiles can be added to the infotainment and navigation systems, Audi said. In short, 5G promises to make the features that many motorists already use a lot more convenient.

On a secondary but equally important level, 5G will make it easier for cars to talk to each other and to the infrastructure. Verizon and Audi are busy developing cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) technology so that cars can receive messages and respond when needed. Some of the company’s models are already available with a feature called Traffic Light Information that tells the driver when a light turns green; The C-V2X will build on these foundations, but exactly which cars equipped with the technology will send and receive has not yet been announced.

More details on Audi’s plans to roll out 5G, including the list of models eligible for the technology and how much it will cost, should be announced in the coming months. Several other automakers, including Honda, are also working on in-car 5G connectivity.

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