Ares Design does what Elon has not: a Tesla Model S two-door convertible

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While custom Teslas are not new, not even convertibles, this one from Italian design house Ares Design is one of the most beautiful we’ve seen. Quite a lot of work has gone into it too, as it is not only a convertible, but also a two-door.

The car is a one-off copy on behalf of a customer not named. In addition to the roof, the rear doors and B-pillars were removed and the front doors were extended. Additional chassis reinforcements have been added to maintain as much rigidity as possible. The car has a fabric hood that can be stored under a hard cover, giving the car a factory finish with the hood down. Unfortunately, Ares Design has not released any photos of the top in the raised position. The car is topped off with a custom carbon fiber body kit with a front splitter, side skirts and rear bumper accents.

With the significantly revised rear that housed the top and the doors were lost, custom rear seats were installed. The rest of the interior retains the factory Tesla look, but almost every surface is now sheathed in white, black and orange leather. It’s just as clean and stylish as the outside.

This is not the first custom coachbuilt creation from Ares Design. A few years ago, the design firm created a one-off Bentley Mulsanne coupĂ©. The company also has a few other projects in the works. The cost of this custom-built Tesla has not been disclosed, and we are sure this is a classic case of being out of reach if you need to know the price. While it’s a one-off promotion, we’d bet they’d build another one for someone willing to spend the money for it.

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