2022 Toyota Mirai adds Teammate Level 2 hands-free driving

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A year ago, Toyota announced it would bring its Teammate SAE Level 2 advanced driver assistance suite to the US on the Lexus LS500 and the second-generation Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell. The Lexus is out, and the 2022 Mirai is officially on its way. Teammate consists of two options: Advanced Park and Advanced Drive. The first does exactly what it sounds like, taking over the steering, acceleration, braking and shifting to complete parallel or perpendicular parking maneuvers.

Advanced Drive does the same while driving, allowing “hands-free driving on restricted highways under certain conditions with an eye on the road.” It steers, accelerates, brakes and could also change lanes, pass other vehicles. and to “navigate certain nodes”.

There are two Mirai versions, XLE and Limited. The XLE is the leader in the range, traveling an EPA-estimated 402 miles on a full tank of hydrogen. The luxury oriented Limited can travel an estimated 357 miles and is the only trim with Teammate access. Advanced Park comes standard on the Limited, but Advanced Drive costs $5,170 and is basically a subscription service. The initial term is 10 years and includes 10 years of Dynamic Navigation, Destination Assist and Safety Connect, a two-year extension of Remote Connect – the remote launch app suite lasting three to 10 years, and a few other features. After that, the owner will need to purchase a new Advance Drive plan, “if available”, and it will be “4G network dependent”. What could go wrong?

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One final note: Buyers can’t pick the Limited with Teammate and the available $1,120, 20-inch Super Chrome alloy wheels. With the system’s sensor suite behind the front wheels, it’s likely the chrome could interfere with operation.

The Mirai’s new year prices haven’t changed from when they were announced last year, the XLE goes for $50,525 after the $1,025 destination fee, the Limited is asking $67,025.

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