2021 Ford Bronco Overland Concept shows off Bronco accessories

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Right from the unveiling, it was clear that the 2021 Ford Bronco was not only designed with off-road driving in mind, but also with customization. The company hinted at it with some of its concept variants shown before the unveiling. Now the company has a slightly more realistic idea of ​​a dressed Bronco, the Overland Concept.

The base is a four-door Bronco Badlands with the 2.3-liter four-cylinder and seven-speed manual transmission, and it gets a few off-road, visual and camping upgrades. From Ford, the modular steel bumper with a loop over the Warn winch are another Ford Performance accessory. The factory 33-inch tires and wheels are replaced by 17-inch Fifteen52 Turbomatic wheels with 35-inch BFGoodrich mud terrain tires. The factory’s roof rack mounts a Yakima two-man tent and a range of Rigid Industries LED lights, including a forward-facing 40-inch light bar and six small lights around the rack that provide illumination around the truck. At the rear, a CB antenna is mounted on the rear bumper and an ARB fridge and hob in the luggage compartment. Ford also designed a number of concept MOLLE tire panels for the rear side windows to hook other things on.

As we said, at least the steel bumper and Warn winch will be available as accessories through Ford Performance. They’re also available at launch, so you don’t have to wait to start upgrading. While Ford didn’t specify which of the other accessories will be available through the company, it said many of them will. In fact, Ford says there will be more than 200 parts available to order from them for the Bronco. Any parts that are not should be easily obtained from their respective manufacturers as many of the parts are ready-made products. And regarding the 35 inch tires and 17 inch wheels, you don’t have to go to the aftermarket. The Sasquatch package has the same wheel and tire combo, but with Ford factory wheels instead of Fifteen52 pieces. And of course, that Sasquatch package includes locking axles, more ground clearance, and big fenders. It is now also available with the manual gearbox.

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