2019 Yenko/SC Stage II Chevy Corvette will make 1,000 hp

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The name Yenko, synonymous with modified Chevrolets from the sixties, has surfaced a few times too late. Specialty Vehicle Engineering (SVE) recently announced an 800 hp Yenko / SC Corvette, an equally powerful Yenko / SC Silverado pickup, and Yenko / SC Stage II Camaro with a copper 1,000 hp. Now the Corvette gets quadruple power because SVE has announced the availability of the 1000-horsepower 2019 Yenko / SC Stage II Corvette.

yenko supercharger corvetteBased on coupé and cabriolet versions of the Corvette Grand Sport, a modified, supercharged GM LT1 V8 is used, which moves 6.8 liters. In addition to his 1,000 HP, he also produces 850 pound-foot torque. The engine is equipped with CNC ports with a high flow rate of LT4 cylinder heads, a 10 percent larger throttle body and an improved high and low pressure fuel system. It also has an exhaust system with a higher flow rate and cast aluminum quad exhaust tips in brushed aluminum or black.

It has appearance and performance characteristics of the Corvette Z06 in addition to the enormous strength. Yenko and 1000HP badges let others know what's under the hood. His Brembo brakes include 14.6-inch rotors and six-piston front calipers, with 14.4-inch, four-piston calipers behind. Choosing the Z07 performance package with carbon-ceramic brakes and improved suspension is recommended for cars from phase II. It comes with a manual seven-speed gearbox or an optional heavy-duty eight-speed automatic.

SVE will only build 25 copies of the Yenko / SC Stage II Corvette and they can be ordered from Chevrolet dealers. The Yenko package starts at $ 68,995 (on top of the price of a new Corvette Grand Sport) with a manual shipment, or $ 77,995 with an automatic transmission. Options include the body color painted upper half of the rear fascia / diffuser ($ 1,495), Z06-Style ground effect package ($ 3,495), Z06 clear Wickerbill adjustable spoiler center ($ 795), painted supercharger ($ 1,195), body color / stripe -colour painted calipers ($ 1,195) and black powder-coated wheel finish with painted wheel marks ($ 1,195).

The Yenko / SC Stage II Corvette is not emission-legal on roads in California.

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