2019 Ram 1500 SEMA trucks go high and low

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For SEMA, Mopar has produced only two internal 20100 Ram 1500 trucks in-house, and they are quite mild in terms of adjustments, including many existing Mopar accessories. But at least they show two totally different ways to upgrade an Aries, one being an off-road oriented Ram Rebel and the other a reduced, street-oriented truck. The last mod has become somewhat unusual in a world dominated by Raptors and ZR2s.

We start talking about the truck, the only one with his own unique name: Low Down. The defining characteristic: it is two centimeters lower than a standard Ram 1500. This is done with a concept-lowering set that Mopar does not offer. Another part that is not yet available is the bonnet with an aggressive shovel. Finally, there are some aluminum aluminum pedals inside. There are no plans yet for any of these to come to production, but you can be sure that Mopar will pay attention to the public's reaction, and if it goes well, they can go to a dealer near you come.

The other defining feature of the Low Down is its paint system, which is black over silver, with a line that separates them, painted in the same Brass Monkey bronze color available on some FCA wheels. The factory wheels also receive a customized color scheme. Apart from the special parts and special paint, almost everything else comes from the Mopar catalog, including the mudguards, bed cover, embedding bedliner, 5-inch exhaust tips and cold air intake.

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The Mopar-adapted Ram Rebel does not get a nice name, but still gets a lot of adjustments. It uses the Ram lift kit from the factory, so it is two centimeters higher than a standard rebel. It also features 35-inch tires. The concept hood was found at Low Down at the front. At the back of the bed is a new flashy matte black sticker that will be available for Ram Rebels in the near future. The bed also has an available "Rambar" sports bar with some assistants from Mopar. The bed has an embedded bedliner and a concept of spare wheel holder. At the rear are the same 5-inch exhaust tips as on the Low Down.

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