2019 Mazda3 body kit, Miata hard top shown at Tokyo Auto Salon

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The 2019 Mazda3 was not exactly in the sporting style division when it was shown in LA last month. But everyone, including Mazda, knows that does not mean it can not be sportier. As such, the company is showing a version of the new compact hatchback at Tokyo Auto Salon, a customized automotive and aftermarket parts show, with a body kit. It is a subtle one, consisting of a black front lip spoiler, black side skirts and a longer, slightly upward-facing rear spoiler. The unobtrusive design fits well with the sleek, clean lines of the Mazda3, making the car look lower and more targeted.

The Mazda3 is not the only car that gets some love at the Tokyo Auto Salon. The company is showing an MX-5 Miata with a removable hardtop made of carbon fiber. Maybe you remember that Mazda does offer a hard top, but only for drivers. That top is a bit strange, with a really high rear end for clear roll-bars and cages for motorsports. This top follows the lines of the soft top of the roadster and looks much tighter.

No sets of parts here have been announced for production, but we would not be surprised if they appear as Mazda accessories. Especially the Mazda3 bodywork equipment seems like a shoe, because the previous generation Mazda3 had a very similar appearance package available. The Miata summit certainly seems to have been designed for the ordinary consumer. The future is less certain. For starters, Mazda can point to the Miata RF if you want a solid roof. On the other hand, Mazda still offered a removable hardtop for conventional Miata roadsters, even after the original, electrically retractable hardtop model was introduced. However, if it comes onto the market, it must be made of a more affordable glass fiber and dyed in factory colors.

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