2019 Ford Ranger shows how it can be customized at SEMA

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Although we are all a little disappointed that Ford has no plans to bring the current Ranger Raptor to America, the adapted Rangers that can be seen at SEMA can alleviate the pain. Each is built with off-roading in mind, and two of the 2019 Rangers have been modified by Ford Performance with many Ford accessories. Some of these companies also showed their own aftermarket products for the Ranger. So even if the Ranger Raptor is not on the dealer's lots, these habits should offer some inspiration when building your own off-road Ranger. Ford Performance Ranger Pre-Runner
The first of these concepts is the Ranger Pre-Runner, which certainly touches on desert-inspired machines such as Raptor fans. It started as an ordinary Ranger FX4 with the electronic differential behind 3.73 rear differential. From there, Ford added a 3-inch leveling kit, shock absorbers and upper control arms from BDS and Fox along with a Ford Performance cat-back exhaust. This is all accompanied by solid all terrain tires, rock sliders, a recovery kit and an off-road bumper and skid plate from Desert Racer. Ford Performance Ranger Base Camp
2019 Ford Performance Base Camp SEMA Concept

The second Ford Performance concept uses exactly the same suspension as the Pre-Runner. It is clearly more focused on the overland crowd with its bed and roof tent. It has off-road bumpers from Warn and a winch from the same company. It has a few other Ford Performance off-road goodies such as the snorkel, the skid plate and the differential valve at the rear. It also gets all-terrain tires, an exhaust and rear steps.
Addictive Desert Designs Xbox Ranger
2019 Addicted desert designs Xbox Ford Ranger

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The Xbox Ranger from Addictive Desert Designs is a classic SEMA show vehicle. It is a pick-up truck with a 6-inch suspension lift, a white camouflage color scheme, plenty of accent lighting (in green) and a few built-in game systems. The systems are by nature Xbox One X models and they can be played through screens on the headrests on the front seats, or on a large 42-inch TV in the bed. Despite the over-the-top looks, the Xbox Ranger has some off-road credibility thanks to the suspension lift, along with Fox helix suspension. It also has a Ford Performance cat-back exhaust and a rear skid plate, plus customized front and rear bumpers and a sports bar with a spare wheel holder.
ARE Project Nightfall Ranger
2019 IS the Ford Ranger Nightfall SEMA concept

ARE followed the same path as Ford Performance with the use of upper BDS upper arms and a Fox leveling package, but it has a number of bumpers. For starters, it is the only truck that uses a bedcap here, which is not surprising as bed caps are part of the ARE core product line. It is equipped with a cat-back exhaust, large 20-inch wheels with 305 mm wide tires. It has tailor-made front and rear bumpers and huge Bushwacker mudguards. Bed bases help keep things organized in the back, and a tailor-made leather interior and Kicker sound system keep the interior entertaining.
BDS Project Ranger X
2019 Ford BDS Project Ranger X SEMA concept

One of the more extreme custom Rangers is that of BDS, the supplier of those popular upper arms on the other trucks. The biggest change is making the truck longer for both the four-door cabin and a huge work bed on the back. He is also ready for serious off-road driving with his 6 inch suspension lift and Fox coilovers. It is well protected with full skidplates along the bottom and a Warn bumper with integrated winch. Bushwacker fender flares complete the exterior and a Kicker sound system is added to the interior.
LGE CTS Baja-Forged Ranger
2019 LGE CTS Ford Ranger Baja Forged SEMA concept

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The Baja-Forged Ranger from LGE CTS is the rare standard Ranger with a suspension from someone other than BDS and Fox. It has an icon suspension with stick control arms and remote shock absorbers. It also has fleshy 35-inch mud-terrain tires. It has a serious Baja look with tailor-made front and rear bumpers, large mud guards and an adapted bed cage with placements for different tools and an off-road jacket. There is a full complement of off-road lighting both front and rear. As a concession to comfort and style, it has a custom-made leather interior.
Air Design USA Ranger
2019 Air Design USA Ford Ranger SEMA concept

The completion of the Rangers group is one of Air Design USA. One of the unique aspects of this truck is that the body parts of the company, all of which can be seen in the truck, are official Ford accessories licensed. This includes the front and rear bumpers, mud guards, bonnet cleaner, cab spoiler and tailgate spoiler. It uses BDS upper control arms and has 20-inch wheels with 33-inch tires. Naturally, it has a custom-made paint job and a leather interior.

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