1993 Toyota Land Cruiser VX Limited Active Vacation for auction on Bring a Trailer

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There is so much awesome to unpack here, to be honest I'm not sure where to start. But hey, let's give it a try. Meet the 1993 Toyota Land Cruiser VX Limited Active Vacation currently being auctioned at Bring a Trailer.

To begin with, it's a Land Cruiser that is almost always great.

Secondly, it is from the 1990s, a great decade.

Thirdly, it is brown, and you know how we car types love us a little brown (although better in combination with a manual diesel car).

Fourth, it is a diesel (see above), specifically a 4.2-liter inline-six combined with a four-speed automatic transmission. Of course it has a transfer speed with two speeds; locking differential front, center and rear; and lots of Land Cruiser off-road goodness.

Fourth, it was imported from Japan, so you can drive on the wrong side of the car. Wacky!

Fifth, because it comes from Japan, it has a crazy name that I am pretty sure I wrote on a T-shirt in Harajuku: the limited active vacation! And of course two random letters, VX, actually only because (see Subaru XV Crosstrek).

Sixth, it appears that the entire catalog of accessories for Toyota dealers has been robbed. The super & # 39; 90s brush guard, the safari lighting, the side windows rain protectors, the sun roof wind deflector and the hood wind deflector (possibly there to direct air screwed over the bed frame to the roof). There is even a bonus "wooden" covering, because you just had to have it.

Seventh, this Land Cruiser is also a camper (#vanlife) designed to have an active holiday, albeit a limited one. The active vacation package includes window curtains, a sleeping platform made when the second row of seats is folded flat, wooden storage bins and a sink and stove that appear to slide from under the raised sleeping platform. The doo-dads on the outside were not part of the package, including the ladder and the roof rack / bed frame. (The FJ Cruiser tire cover was certainly not.)

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And eighth, the VX Limited Active Vacation was literally a package from the factory. It wasn't just an outfitter in Sapporo that went crazy. The BaT list even notes that it comes with "a manual in Japanese for the active vacation package".

So there, it should do that for this brown barrel with great that doesn't even have a reserve on its auction. Oh wait, another one.

Ninth: Hey Toyota, how about a 2020 Land Cruiser VX active vacation? Or 4Runner? Hell, VX active vacation everything.